Gentle Yoga

What is Gentle Yoga?

mindful yoga individual sessionIn US culture, yoga is usually portrayed as some type of extreme athleticism — a human pretzel doing something that makes you feel awe and at the same time fear of how much it would hurt if you tried to make your body do “that”. This is unfortunate, because it misses the whole point of yoga. Yoga is a “start where you are” experience. So anyone with any physical limitations can do yoga.

The real purpose of yoga is to learn to be a more flexible
human being, regardless of how long or short your hamstrings are.
Yoga is about being able to respond to whatever
life brings with resilience.

How does Gentle Yoga work?

When I work with you, if you want to try yoga as a healing approach, we start very slowly. We do simple movements synched with breathing that allow you to feel safer and more connected to your body. I encourage you to focus on the movements using mindfulness, the moment to moment non-judgmental awareness of your feelings, sensations and thoughts the yoga moves elicit. Further, I encourage you to make healthy choices for yourself. For example, to stop before you feel pain in a stretch and be curious and friendly toward your limitations rather than pushing through and possibly hurting yourself.

What are the benefits of Gentle Yoga?

A growing number of research studies are showing that mindfully practiced yoga has a wide range of benefits.

Physical and Psychological Benefits include:

  • better sleep
  • less pain
  • a feeling of empowerment
  • feeling calmer and more grounded
  • relief of depression symptoms
  • greater ability to manage strong emotion
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