How To Practice Yoga Nidra Meditation

You can practice Yoga Nidra meditation in any comfortable position, even in your bed!

Two women laying on mats doing yoga nidra meditationTo practice, you simply listen to the continuous, easy to follow instructions on these recordings.

1. Find a place for your practice where you won’t be disturbed.

2. Lie down, or sit, in a comfortable, generously cushioned place. Make sure you your body feels totally supported, especially the back of your neck.

Unlike most meditations, Yoga Nidra meditation is not something you do, it’s something you feel. So while you are listening to the ongoing instructions, respond as best you can, without any strain or push. As much as possible, let go of your agenda and take it as it comes. The more you are able to welcome your experience just the way it is, no matter what it is, the more deeply relaxing and healing the practice will ultimately be. It’s a paradox; we let go of trying to control the experience or fix our selves, and everything happens by itself.

Always begin with the intention to stay awake and aware. If you happen to fall asleep, don’t worry, you will obtain the benefits whether you remember what happens during the practice or not. Just return to following the instructions whenever you hear them again on the recording.

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