Cultivating Clarity in Uncertain Times: A Retreat for Grounding and Inner Listening    September 25-27, 2020   

On Line Retreat

We are swirling in troubled waters. We may feel overwhelmed, anxious, isolated, angry or despondent about the loss of a way of life. We may feel glad to have a break from busyness, with more time at home but wonder how long this will last. Important relationships and plans have been disrupted. We may have even lost someone dear to us.
It’s in times like these that the yogic teachings can support us most. By learning to welcome our entire humanity, all that arises, we can often find clarity regarding how best to care for ourselves and our world now, what is within our power to change, what is not, and  our next right action.
Join Robin for a spirited, introvert/extrovert friendly, virtual retreat focusing on practices that open the heart, settle the mind, and ground the body so that we can reconnect with ourselves and our path in this world.

What you can expect:

  • Groundrules and Exercises to Gather and Grow Safe Community
  • iRest™ Yoga Nidra Meditation
  • InterPlay™ – Practices to Access Body Wisdom via  Improvisational Movement and Expression
  • Creative Collage and Journaling
  • Breath Practices
  • Guided Meditation
  • Breaks for Rest and Reflection

Friday, September 25th

7–9p: Retreat Opens, Welcome, Introductions, Intentions, Bedtime iRest Meditation

Saturday, September 26th
8–9a: Morning breath and meditation practice
10–11:30a: Qi Gong and iRest Yoga Nidra
3–5p: Group Sharing and Art/InterPlay & Journaling
7–8p: Group Sharing and Bedtime iRest Meditation

Sunday, September 27th
8–9a: Morning breath and meditation practice
10–11:30a: Qi Gong and iRest Yoga Nidra
2–4p: Group Sharing and Art/InterPlay and Journaling, Retreat Closes

This workshop will meet online; Zoom meeting links to the workshop will be sent out before the workshop begins.


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