Qi Gong for Grounding, Vitality & Longevity
Mon, Wed & Fri @ 8:30-9am EST  ~ 12 class sessions~ scheduled ongoingly
Zoom classes $70 for classes and videos

Qigong is an energy medicine system, based on the same system used in acupuncture, from ancient China. It involves simple, easy, playful movements that powerfully enhance our overall health, including our immune function. Qi Gong is appropriate for almost anybody, that is, it’s powerful without being strenuous. Classes will focus on a Qigong practice that is grounding to the nervous system, increases vitality, and enhances longevity. 
Robin is a YOQI Associate Qigong Flow Instructor.

To register, email Robin at -she will email you payment methods, when payment is received, zoom link will be emailed.



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